Our farm raises male buffaloes of Mediterranean breed born exclusively in Italy, coming from farms specialized in the production of buffalo milk. Our animals are bred in a semi-wild state: they have a shelter where they are fed and where they can rest on straw litter. When climatic conditions allow it, they go out to pasture in large enclosures where they live in the open air. The products that become part of the food ration are strictly of vegetable origin and are continuously tested to avoid contamination; in particular they are fed with corn, soybeans, grass hay, alfalfa hay, wheat straw, corn stalks, etc..

In the same philosophy we also breed pigs outdoors, in full respect of their natural needs in the open field in contact with their natural element the earth. In fact they live in large enclosures where they can run, grunt, eat roots, in other words regain possession of the behavioral manifestations typical of the species. Inside the spaces there are also shelters to shelter from the weather, watering and feeding points, (strictly of vegetable origin). There is also a playful space dedicated by the pigs to rooting, which in the summer period we humidify with water both to refresh the animals and protect them from parasites of the skin in a completely natural way.

In order to diversify the agricultural activity and produce renewable energy, following the P.R.S. 2014/2020 (operation 6.4.02) has been installed a photovoltaic system with a power of 12 KWp: the electricity produced (higher than the current consumption) is mainly used for farm management while the surplus is fed into the national grid. The EAFRD contribution, to partially cover the cost of the system, is € 16,150.
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