In Azienda Agricola “Il Girasole” we raise water buffalos of Mediterranean breed; the animals are exclusively born in Italy and come from a breeding in Lombardy which is specialized in milk-production. We raise them in a semi-wild state: this means they are brought at our farm when they are about twelve months old; here they live in a barn where they can eat and drink at any time, and they can rest on a clean and comfortable straw litter. When the weather allows it, we let them graze in big fences, where they can run and have fun. Their diet consists in the organic fodder we produce in the fields around the farm and in OGM-free cereals; everything they eat has a strictly plant-origin and its quality is constantly monitored.

The same philosophy is followed with free-range pigs; they are raised in the wild, where they can keep the contact with their element: earth. In these open fields they can run, rest, eat roots or dig with the nose, i.e. express their natural behaviour; in these spaces there is a shelter where they can eat and drink at any time. During the summer, it is not uncommon to see them hidden in the mud: in this way they are able to freshen up and to naturally protect their skin from potential parasites.

In order to diversify the agricultural activity and produce renewable energy, following the P.R.S. 2014/2020 (operation 6.4.02) has been installed a photovoltaic system with a power of 12 KWp: the electricity produced (higher than the current consumption) is mainly used for farm management while the surplus is fed into the national grid. The EAFRD contribution, to partially cover the cost of the system, is € 16,150.
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